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Thursday, August 15th, 2019
The Summer Leagues 2019 ran from May 10th to July 19th with a week off on May 24th.

<Summer League Men, 2019 at British Tennis>
<Summer League Ladies, 2019 at British Tennis> [COMPLETE]

<Top Performers to week 05> [PDF 29/06/2019]
<Top Performers, ladies, final> [PDF 15/08/2019]

<Summer League Contacts, 2019> [PDF v2b, 08/06/2019, change to Lansdown Ladies]
<Click here to download match card PDF - four up>

<Click here to link to the summer leagues 2018>
<Online results for 2009 to mid-2011> (when they had Allison with one 'l')